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Our Services

At Carson Consulting we partner with you to maximize your people’s strengths and capabilities. We do this in four areas:  assessment, coaching, leadership development, and talent management.







A talent strategy provides the competitive edge to take your business where you want it to go. Our approach to talent management will help ensure that you have the right people in place to achieve your strategic goals. Whether for hiring, promotion, or employee development, our assessment services help take the guess work out of decisions. Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge tools, time-tested procedures, and data-driven, research-based, objective measures, we provide qualitative and quantitative feedback and recommendations. Effective leadership is a crucial ingredient for sustainable business success – individual coaching is a proven method for creating effective leaders. Using powerful assessment tools and time-tested techniques tailored to your unique situation, we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your leaders. The problem that many organizations face today is developing people fast enough to meet business needs. Our leadership development offerings can help you create strategies, practices, and programs to build leadership effectiveness across all levels.