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Discovering Talent

Making the right decision about a future leader is critical to the ongoing success of your organization. Yet historically, there have been significant rates of failure or sub-optimal performance at all levels because companies try to make these important decisions based on incomplete, inadequate, or unreliable information.

To maximize your success rate in making the right decision, we partner with you and bring years of experience to complement and supplement your process. Investing in assessment gives you the objective insights you need to confidently select the best candidate for a key leadership role.

Our assessment process is extremely robust, fair, legally defensible, backed by research, and designed to provide information about performance potential, competencies and cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, learning agility, leadership style, cultural fit, transitional/on-boarding advice, developmental needs, possible risks, and more.

assessment_puzzleAre you satisfied with your success rate in selecting leaders?


Carson Consulting can help you make accurate, objective, data-driven decisions

Obtain powerful insights with:

  • Selection Assessment – Improve your hiring and promotion decisions and determine the best candidate for a role.
  • Developmental Assessment – Identify strengths and developmental opportunities for leaders at all levels.
  • Potential Assessment – Accurately identify leaders with the potential to grow into more complex leadership roles.
  • Readiness Assessment – Evaluate whether an individual is ready for a more responsible role.