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Talent Management

Orchestrate Talent

Many organizations achieve disappointing results. Why? Because they fail to align their people with their strategic goals. Ensuring that your company has capable, ready leaders at all levels is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive, objective, data-driven insights that help you effectively hire, develop, promote, and retain talent.

Business strategy and talent must be purposely and carefully aligned so that you have the right people in the right place at the right time to allow your business to prosper. A talent strategy serves as a competitive edge needed to secure wins and move your business forward.


Is your talent management strategy linked to your business strategy?


Carson Consulting can help you build a talent strategy that stimulates business success.

A selection of our services includes:

  • Succession Planning – One of the best investments you can make in your organization, succession planning is a process for identifying and developing leaders for mission-critical roles to ensure future success.
  • Competency ModelingCompetencies are the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are crucial to success within a specific work environment. They provide a common vocabulary, determine successful performance, and serve as the backbone for performance management, employee development, and succession planning.
  • Success Profiles – A success profile defines great talent by incorporating marketplace and industry trends as well as overall company strategy to provide a comprehensive picture of a particular role, department, or company.
  • Performance Management – Less about paperwork and more about development, our approach to performance management emphasizes communication and improving critical skill sets.
  • HR Consulting – Have a problem? We have found innovative solutions for some of our clients’ most difficult issues.